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There are various kinds of bees as well as wasps in the UK and typically they do not trigger a trouble. Nonetheless, when they nest in your loft or chimney stack they can be a huge issue.

The Honey Bee nest is composed of one queen, hundreds of employees and a few hundred drones. The queen lays the eggs. The workers, which live only a short time carry out various jobs. The Queen actions 16-20 mm. The employees 12-15mm and the males 14-18mm. The honey bee is gold brownish as well as black with light orange/yellow rings on the abdominal area. Since honey bees endure winter months problems, energetic nests will certainly continue to expand. Their presence in places like chimney stacks, roof voids as well as cavaties can trigger lots of issues.

The Bumble is a huge unclear bug as well as are black as well as yellow in colouration. They are around 20mm in size or even more. Their nests are much smaller than that of the honey bee, the nest consisting of just a few hundred bees is abandoned at the end of the summertime. They typically nest in the ground, left mouse nests or among rubbish and also in wall cavaties.

The Mason/Mining Bee. There are several hundred species of different solitary , these all play a vital duty as pollinators. They live alone yet occasionally hundreds of singular gather in a small area and also construct their nests with each other. It nests in openings and cracks in wood, stonework and defective masonary.

The Common Wasp are distinctive yellow and also black pests that stay in big structured nests inside papery nests. They are seasonal, primarily active between July and also late October. The Queen arises from hibernation in mid April as well as by late summertime the nest reaches 3 to 5 thousand. They favour bakeries, mixer, jam and also this contact form beverage factories and confectioners.

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